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Every VANASANA piece is made with love and intention and hand produced by our lovely tailor families in Rajasthan.


Yoga top:

  • Triangle-shaped top, gives a nice waistline
  • Strings are held together in the back, by a beautiful seed of life ornament, made out of brass
  • Perfect for everyday support



    • 95% cotton and 5% full-feeder elastane
    • Natural tie-dye coloring
    • Color patterns are one of a kind and never precisely the same as in the pictures


     Sizes of Top and Leggings are rather large, please choose a smaller size if in doubt.

    Parvati Yoga Top

    • Since we only use natural coloring, it is important to follow care instructions.

      • Wash  the first time by hand and separately
      • Afterward, machine wash only with cold water
      • No fabric softener
      • Do not iron
      • No tumbler and do not dry in direct sunlight