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Our yoga wear is ethically produced by small family businesses in India, the motherland of Yoga. We keep ancient traditions of handcrafting alive by producing each piece in a very traditional way that is all handmade and yet adjusted to today’s fashion.


When things are meant to be, magic happens.
Anna and Vanesa met in Mexico, and just after three days they knew, they were a perfect match to venture on a dream together.
Anna has already her own successful clothing line and was working additionally on a yoga clothing brand with her tailors in India.

For this new project, she was missing the yogini piece and the marketing knowledge. Vanesa, who had the dream about creating yoga clothing herself, came into the field and brought in exactly the missing puzzle pieces - yearlong yogi and marketing experience. Vise-versa her missing piece was the the whole production side of creating a clothing brand.

Having the same vision and dreams, Anna and Vanesa immediately saw the opportunity for a prosperous collaboration and so VANASANA was born.


We work with small family-owned businesses specializing in tailoring and hand-block printing in India. We work closely with these families along with tailors and coloring masters to create each of our unique designs.

An important part of our work policy is relationships and family. Which is why we make sure to foster togetherness daily. In keeping with the Indian custom, each day begins by sharing a chai tea before any work can begin.

Over the years we have watched each other grow. Seeing sisters turn into wives and mothers and so on. One thing that remains constant throughout is the gathering with chai tea. It is an atmosphere of love and good karma which ensures good working conditions for all involved


Our aim is to support artisanal work which has sustained families in these villages for generations. By keeping these techniques alive, the artisans are able to continue to live in their villages whilst supporting and providing for their families. Thus the traditions can be passed down for many more generations to come.

The 2 techniques mentioned below are over 4000 years old.

Block printing

⚙︎ The blocks are made out of wood and have a hand-carved design made by artisans, who typically learn this craft from their families over generations.
⚙︎ To print the fabric, one dips the block into a bin filled with natural colors and one by one stamps it on the material.


Hand Tie Dye

⚙︎ Historically, tie-dye was used in ritual ceremonies like wakes and marriages. It, therefore, symbolized luxury through its random, almost natural beauty.
⚙︎ The term tie-dye, describes a process of folding, twisting, or crumpling a textile with a string or rubber bands and then applying dyes on it.
⚙︎ That way textiles could be dyed in intricate random patterns and each turn out to be unique pieces.

Sneak peek behind the scenes

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