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Our Kali Yoga Set represents the feminine force of the Kali Goddess, who embodies the power of creation and destruction in one entity. She is believed to be timeless and formless, representing the creation of life and the universe as well. In this yoga set, you will feel her power and express your inner Kali. 


Every VANASANA piece is made with love and intention and hand produced by our lovely tailor families in Rajasthan.


Wrap top:

  • Adjustable
  • Tie it either in the back or wrap it around and tie it in the front
  • The soft mesh fabric in the back is a beautiful eye-catcher
  • Perfect for everyday support



  • High rise waistband with elastic, can be worn up or down
  • Leggings lift and shape your body
  • Second skin feeling
  • Are rather long and can be worn around the heel



  • 95% cotton and 5% full feeder elastane
  • Natural tie-dye coloring
  • Color patterns are one of a kind and never exactly the same as on the pictures

Kali Yoga Set

  • Since we only use natural coloring, it is important to follow care instructions.

    • Wash the first time by hand and separately
    • Afterward, machine wash only with cold water
    • No fabric softener
    • Do not iron
    • No tumbler
    • Do not dry in direct sunlight