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Every VANASANA piece is made with love and intention and hand produced by our lovely tailor families in Rajasthan.


Short Leggings:

  • High rise waistband with elastic, can be worn up or down
  • Leggings lift and shape your body
  • Second skin feeling
  • Reaches slightly over the knee
  • Beautiful, detailed block print on the border of the leg
  • A tiny seed of life ornament, made from brass, on the coccyx



  • 95% cotton and 5% full-feeder elastane
  • Block prints made with natural coloring 
  • Block prints are handmade and always with small differences.


The Leggings Sizes are rather large, please order a smaller size if in doubt.

Samudra Yoga Shorts

  • Since we use natural coloring on the blockprints, it is important to follow care instructions.

    • Wash the first time by hand and separately
    • Afterward, machine wash only with cold water
    • No fabric softener
    • Do not iron
    • No tumbler
    • Do not dry in direct sunlight